BIG STINK: Why You Overspend On Perfume And How To Stop It

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Have you ever walked past someone that uses an excessive amount of perfume? Usually when this happens, you can smell them a mile away.This happened to me the other day. I was walking to work from the train and someone with a heavy dose of cologne was about 10 feet in front of me.

The worst part about it is that we weren’t just crossing paths. He was walking the same path as I was for a few minutes. I was stuck in the wake of his smell for what seemed like an eternity.

Perfume is Expensive

Have you ever realised how much cologne or perfume costs? I often obsess about the costs of certain things when they come up in my life. This cologne guy was no exception. The thought immediately popped into my head: I wonder how much money he spent spraying his body with this fragrance. It’s remarkable to me that people can spend thousands of dollars on a little bottle of fragrance. That’s right, thousands of dollars. In fact, if you try to search for “expensive perfume” you can find a certain bottle for over $400,000! While I don’t believe that this guy was wearing that expensive of cologne, the fact remains that it is over-priced. My displeasure proves that he overpaid. Even $1 would have been too much.

It was the same day that my wife and I discovered a rotten peach in a lunch bag that she brought to work some days or weeks before. When I say rotten, I mean every word. Immediately after opening the bag, the kitchen smelled horrible! It was so disgusting. There are very few things in my life that have smelled worse than this. It was so bad that we had to take the garbage out right away and open up the kitchen windows. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get rid of this smell for some time. I almost pulled out the Febreeze to mask the smell, but it turned out that it wasn’t necessary.

It was at this moment that I was convinced that companies that sell ‘fragrance products’ must be making a killing. The sense of smell is so potent that anyone is willing to pay a fortune in order to cover up the bad smells of everyday life. Isn’t it interesting how certain items can cost so much money?

A Natural Alternative

I didn’t want to take the garbage all the way out to the trash can that time, so instead I left it in the entryway to our apartment. We have a second door to enter our apartment, so we were able to isolate the fumes and keep it separate from the rest of the apartment without taking the long trip out to the trash can. OK, I admit that I was a little lazy, but my primary concern was on getting the smell out of the kitchen. The only downside to this was that our entryway smelled horrible the next morning. I thought I was doomed and that the rotten smell had attached itself to the very walls of our entryway.

Instead of tackling this giant with Febreeze, I decided to use our basil plant. This worked its magic with just a few hours. In less than a day’s time, we had a basil-smelling entry way. Wonderful! I keep coming back to the connection between¬†living a frugal lifestyle and saving the environment.

Save Money, Get Rid of the Perfume

The truth is that perfume is an unnecessary accessory. It may seem like a great way to attract that significant other or impress someone in the office, but it really isn’t necessary. If you are truly honest with yourself, most people don’t like it anyway. Save yourself a few bucks and live with the smell. Or better yet, find natural scents. I’m not suggesting rubbing basil leaves on you before heading out the door, but there is probably a better alternative to the over-priced cologne or perfume.

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