You Have Five Seconds For A Website To Load Or Nearly Half Of Australians Will Head Elsewhere

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Australian’s want fast internet and they want it now.

A study by Squixa, an Australian startup which helps to solve website performance problems, has found that Australian’s aren’t interested in websites that take longer than five seconds to load.

And the bigger the device, the more impatience.

Of the 1250 Australians surveyed, almost 80% of desktop users demanded faster web page speed, while mobile users were a little more forgiving.

It was also revealed that 43% of people will immediately exit websites that load slowly – with just one in five saying they would revisit the site later.

It could be assumed from the findings that people are more leniant when it comes to using a wireless device, under the impression that slow web page speed is attributed to poor internet connection. However Stewart McGrath, co-founder and CEO of Squixa says this is not the case.

He says “While Australians may think longer wait times are due to poor wireless internet connection, the reality for website owners is that the construction of their site is often causing delays.”

“Modern online consumers are savvy… It might only be a second or two, but both the risks and benefits for brands are real and tangible when it comes to website performance.”

Here’s a look at why you website needs to load faster than 5 seconds, and what will happen is it doesn’t.

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