You Have a Better Chance Of Surviving A Hospital Stay If You Keep Away On Weekends


Patients admitted to hospital at weekends have higher mortality than those admitted on weekdays.

The statistics make it that simple. Stay away from hospital at weekends because that’s when you have a higher chance of not coming out alive.

The analysis of the statistics included 72 studies from various world regions, covering more than 55 million people.

The authors found that weekend admission was associated with increased morality of between 15% and 17% depending on the statistical technique used.

A systematic review and meta-analysis of hospital data worldwide was presented to this year’s Euroanaesthesia meeting in Stockholm by Dr Hiroshi Hoshijima of Tohoku University in Japan.

He says:

“There are at least two potential explanations for our results. First, these differences reflect poorer quality of care in hospital at the weekend, and second, patients admitted on at weekend could be more severely ill than those admitted on at weekday. We believe that poorer care at the weekends is the much more likely explanation.”

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