INSTANT MBA: In A Fast-Paced World, Some Things Can Wait

Ruth Haag


Today’s advice comes from Ruth Haag, author of the “Taming Your Inner Supervisor

” book series and management consultant at Haag Press, via BusinessWeek:“When a person’s being a little bit too needy, I might wait a day or two just to give it a little break. And then I answer as briefly as possible, although I’m always very polite. That way, the person realises you’re kind of busy.”

Running a business can sometimes be overwhelming. With technology playing such an important role in business, clients and customers expect instant communication, whether it’s through email, Twitter, or Facebook.

According to Haag, it’s OK to give yourself a breather and differentiate what’s urgent and what can wait. She advises putting together a weekly frequently-asked-questions form and sending it to clients.”

“You probably know what the questions are before people start calling. If you’re proactive, your clients will think how wonderful it is that you anticipate everything they need.”

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