You Don't Have To Love Your Job, Because It's Not All That Important

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You don’t need to love your job to be a bad-arse at doing it.You don’t to “be happy” with the current task on your platform or respect the boss you report to.

None of that matters.

And probably not for the reason you are thinking. Not because getting a job is so difficult in the first place.

Simply because your job isn’t all that important. Managing people with jobs isn’t all that important.

It’s just what you do with part of your life. Your “down time.”

You don’t have to love that.

You just have to do it. You have to show up. And be awesome.

Your mission is what really matters. That’s what you need to love. (Not your paycheck.)

Doing amazing things doesn’t happen by accident. It takes extreme behaviour and discipline and a strategy of how other people think and act. You have to believe that you have a purpose in life and then work tirelessly to find it.

That’s a struggle. And you have to love it. It’s not a job. It’s not a career. It’s not an accomplishment.

It’s a mission. A purpose. A destiny.

A reason to push the limits each day.

Even when it’s hard (which is most of the time). Even when those around you disagree with you (which is most of the time). Even when you’re tired because of the stress and pressure you put yourself through (which is most of the time).

Day after day after day.

  • Leading through example.
  • Learning how to be more effective.
  • Loving the future you are creating for yourself.

Let’s be frank, you had better love your job if you don’t have a mission. If you don’t have a purpose. If you don’t have a destiny in mind.

The hard truth is that we all face the challenge of staying inspired when life plays dirty with our good intentions. We all feel like giving in and giving up. But the remedy isn’t to jump to the next thing. To pursue the shiniest of possibilities.The remedy is to focus on the outcomes you expect from your efforts. The fix is to double down on vision. To be even more radical in finding creative solutions to achieve success. To stay belligerently fighting for break-through.  Not to give up so quick.

That’s something you should be able to love.

Figuring out life on your terms.

This story was originally published by Edgy Conversations.

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