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By now you’ve seen our 2011 commercials “Be More Attractive to $100K+ employers,” featuring real members of

You know, Hollywood, Jersey Shore, and Jerry Springer are populated with fascinating deviants — people who have broken the rules, thumbed their nose at propriety, and who ‘earn’ their fifteen minutes of fame by behaving infamously.

But when the more than 400 employees of here at our Manhattan headquarters think about success, we think about District Sales Managers, and Assistant Controllers, and Software Architects. We think about the type of people who get up every day, send their kids to school, and then get into the office to get the economy going.

So our commercial emphasises what we love to do — we love helping $100K+ professionals like you get ready for your big close-up: your next interview, a lunch with your future boss, or sprucing up your resume to make it professional and effective.

Presenting your background, your credentials, and your experience in the most attractive way possible is what we’re all about. We celebrate and cheer you because you’re the most productive and accomplished people in America.

And celebrating people like you is important, because what you celebrate shows what your morals are, what you value and what you hold dear.

Unfortunately, what we as a people have been celebrating in this country doesn’t match up with who we are as professionals, as leaders, as citizens.

We’ve been celebrating the glassy-eyed model, the trash-talking dunker, and the sick sex-tape impresario. We’ve been celebrating the notorious, not the noteworthy; the agitant, not the admirable.

With our commercial we’re showing, hopefully with a bit of humour, what it would mean to celebrate the true heroes of America. Not the people who squawk and cuss and bare all for others to see, but the people who work and fuss and employ their talents on behalf of all the others in the economy.

If we had our heads screwed on straight, shouldn’t we have our top photographers and movie producers and best directors telling the stories of the Data centre Operations Managers, Regional Account Directors, and VPs of Strategic Marketing?

If we’re going to celebrate somebody on TV, shouldn’t it be these people, folks like you?

And that’s exactly why we chose to use real TheLadders members in our ads:

People like Cheryl and Daryl and Jennifer are the people we should be celebrating, the people we should be holding in high regard. It’s folks like them, like you, that we put at the centre of our commercial because you’re at the centre of our economy, and at the centre of all of our efforts to help you find you way into your next great job.

If you’d like to be more attractive to prospective employers this week, Readers, take the time to learn about writing great resumes, perfecting your elevator pitch, and acing the interview, by contacting your Job Search Advisor today! We are all here to help you… yes, be more attractive to your next employer… let’s get started!

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