There's one big reason people are obsessed with that '#MarryTheGirl' trend

Marry the girlElite DailySkirvin’s original article has been read by over one million people.

In 2014, actress and writer Lauren Skirvin wrote an article for Elite Daily titled “8 Reasons Why You Should Marry The Complicated Girl.”

Though it’s not the only type of “marry the girl” list on the internet, it struck a chord with readers and is still shared by thousands of people across Twitter and Facebook. It’s been viewed nearly 2 million times.

“Complicated girls are creative and, at times, emotional,” Skirvin wrote in her original piece. “She may also have a touch of what some people call ‘crazy’ or ‘bitchy.’ But, no one will love you better. No one will make love to you with as much passion.”

Skirvin’s 2014 story has been shared over 700,000 times on Facebook, not to mention the hundreds of screenshots posted on Twitter of the eight reasons, such as “marry the girl who demands your respect” and “marry the girl who pushes you to be better every day.”

Why? Our egos. According to Skirvin’s original article, the “complicated girl” has expectations, she demands respect, she can talk about politics, she is passionate, and pushes her other half to be better.

So who is this complicated girl? Turns out, it’s every girl: