Yes, you can wear sneakers to work -- if you follow this rule

David beckhamGetty/Eduardo ParraDavid Beckham knows how to rock sneakers with a Business Casual look.

The loosening of the work dress code has changed many things.

Ties have been loosened and subsequently thrown out, shirts have lost their collars, and, finally, sneakers have found a place in the revered halls of the workplace.

However, not all sneakers are created equal. Just because no one will bat an eye at a pair of suede New Balances in the office, doesn’t mean you should bring your neon trainers.

So what kind of sneakers can you wear around the office?

The rule is easy: keep it simple.

Carefully consider your office environment, and what kind of sneakers you think you may be able to wear to the office. Then go one step simpler than that.

Though sneakers are inherently sporty, it’s tricky when you wear them to the office, since you’re actually trying to avoid calling to mind the fact that you’re not about to go for a jog.

That means avoid things like bright patterns, excessive nylon or stretchy materials, or atypical soles.

A plain-coloured leather or suede sneaker like a New Balance 574 or the Adidas Stan Smith will take you far in the business world.

But it doesn’t have to end there: Simple shoes like ultra-minimal Common Projects Achilles or the Rancourt Court Classic will be acceptable in virtually any workplace. Even canvas shoes like Vans or Converse All-Stars can be worn in some more casual offices.

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