You Can Watch People Switch To IOS 7 In Real Time

Apple fans are clamoring to download the latest operating system, iOS 7.

The company spent a long time creating the updated software, which gives most of its apps, including Weather, Siri, and Calendar, a major overhaul.

iOS 7 launched a few hours ago and slowly but surely, Apple is fighting through the demand.

Mixpanel created a chart of iOS 7 adoption in real time. Starting at about 2 PM eastern, you can see people starting to get access to the new operating system. Then, 3.59% of people had iOS 7 while 92.76% still had iOS 6. An hour later, iO S7 users jumped to 6.39%.

If you haven’t been able to get iOS 7 yet, don’t feel bad. Less than 11% of people have iOS7 right now. The current chart is below. You can follow the progress on here.

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