You and 3 friends can stay in a Rapunzel-style tower in Utah for just $52 a night

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe Utah tower costs just $US51.75 per night when split between four people.
  • A four-story cabin tower located near Park City, Utah, is available for rent.
  • The tower can sleep four guests, and it features a walk-in shower and a porch with views of the surrounding mountains.
  • The tower is available for rent on Glamping Hub, and the base fee is $US207 per night at the time of writing.
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Just 15 minutes away from Park City, Utah, there’s a remote cabin tower tucked in the woods.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThere’s a cabin tower for rent in Utah.

The four-story tower is located in Tollgate Canyon, offering stunning views of the mountains.

Each floor of the home is 200 square feet, according to its Glamping Hub listing.

Ethan Abitz took photos of the space.

The living room offers views of the surrounding area.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe tower features views of Utah mountains.

Large porch doors offer natural light and are complemented by wood walls.

The area also features a television and couch.

The views from the porch are the pièce de résistance of the home.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe mountains are most visible from the porch.

Some of Utah’s prettiest mountain ranges are visible from the porch.

The outdoor space also features a grill for residents to use.

The couch in the living room allows the space to double as a bedroom.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe living room features a pull-out couch.

The pull-out couch offers additional space for sleeping in the home.

The living room is on the third floor of the space.

The home’s dining room can seat up to six guests.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe dining room can seat six.

The dining room is just off of the kitchen, which features all of the appliances and cutlery guests may need.

An elaborate chandelier above the table adds to the romance of the tower.

The master bedroom sits on the top floor of the tower.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe master bedroom is on the fourth floor.

The bedroom offers more views of the area, as well as vaulted ceilings.

Between the pull-out couch and master bedroom, the home can accommodate four guests.

The tower’s plethora of windows means nature is never far from view.

The tower features two bathrooms.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe home has two bathrooms.

A private bathroom is attached to the master bedroom.

Even the bathroom has a window with views.

The master bathroom also features a walk-in shower for added luxury.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubA walk-in shower is on the property.

The additional bathroom is located on the entrance level of the tower, according to Glamping Hub.

A stay in the tower costs $US207 a night at the time of writing.

Ethan Abitz/Glamping HubThe tower costs $US207 per night.

The cost comes out to $US51.75 per night when split between four people.

Catering can be made available in the home upon request, and kids are welcome on the property.

You can see its full Glamping Hub listing here.

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