You can now use Android Pay to pay your rego and parking fines in NSW


The New South Wales government is now accepting Android Pay when you go to renew your driver’s licence, car registration, parking fines or pay for anything at a Service NSW centre.

The move comes just a month after Google’s contactless payments system launched in Australia in a partnership with ANZ.

The move to tap-and-go smartphone payments in the 64 centres across the state is a first for an Australian government agency. The Baird government is aiming to have 70% of all transactions online within the next three years.

A major update of the back end technology at Service NSW also paves the way for other contactless payments systems such as Apple Pay to be accepted down the track and Services NSW has been designed as a single government-payments gateway.

Finance, services and property minister Dominic Perrottet said the popularity of Android phones made it the logical first move. The service will also roll out across Service NSW’s digital stores, website and app in the coming months.

“Governments have traditionally been very slow on the uptake when it comes to new technology, whereas customers latch on much more quickly,” he said.

For details, visit the Services NSW website here.

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