You can now personalise the federal budget to see what's in it for you

Photo: Getty Images.

Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2016 budget tonight.

And new function on the Budget website is making easier to calculate what’s in it for you. The new tool from Treasury allows you to tailor the information so it’s relevant to you.

To make the calculations, you’ll need to offer some personal details, such as your age, employment, income, and interests, and then the website spits out measures that may affect you.

And it works for individuals and businesses alike.


Here’s a look at the result for someone under 30, employed with a mid-range income, and interested in tech, innovation, entreprenuers and startups.


Now, here’s a look at the result for someone who is 45, with three children, a $90,000 income, and is interested in childcare, business and investment.


See it in full here.

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