You can now follow ANZ's excellent economics and markets team on Twitter

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Used correctly, Twitter is a powerful tool.

You can follow your favourite journalist, sports star or celebrity, among others, and filter out the noise so that you receive the news, sports and weather you want to read.

Banks, in particular their economics and markets teams, are increasingly embracing the Twitter revolution, taking to the microblogging site in ever larger numbers to present their news and views on what’s happening in the economy and markets.

Following in the footsteps of their opposite numbers at Westpac, ANZ’s excellent economics team have been ramping up their Twitter coverage recently with economists, strategists and researchers from the bank increasingly tweeting information and ideas that up until recently would have only been accessible to their clients.

Business Insider has been busy following their progress. They’re all favourites and deserve bigger followings in our opinion, because when they tweet, it’s definitely worth the read.

Warren Hogan, chief economist

Felicity Emmett, co-head of Australian economics

Cherelle Murphy, co-head of Australian economics

Justin Fabo, senior economist

Jo Masters, senior economist

Martin Whetton, senior rates strategist

Glenn Maguire, South, Southeast Asia & Pacific chief economist

Katie Hill, economist

David Cannington, senior economist – property specialist

ANZ Research

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