You can now collect eBay items from Woolworths and Big W stores

Woolworths adds another reason for consumers to swing by their supermarkets.

eBay Australia and Woolworths have signed a deal to let eBay buyers pick up online purchases from Woolworths and BIG W stores.

The initial roll out involves 90 Woolworths and BIG W stores across Sydney and Tasmania as the retailer hopes to grab one more niche in the growing online market to keep supermarkets relevant as consumers increasingly move online. The grocery retailer and eBay are seeking to tackle what’s seen as the biggest issue for buyers: delivery, especially as research by eBay finds that around half of online shoppers are not allowed to receive parcels at work and a quarter admit to taking time off work to receive parcels.

The new Click & Collect service targets eBay’s major retail sellers, including Your Home Depot, No Frills, Surf Stitch, Mytopia, Futu Online and Golfbox and will expand to 250 sellers over the next two months, so it’s not for a mum seeking to offload their old pram.


Woolworths says 91% of Australians live within 10km of one of its supermarkets and predict up to 12,000 sellers will be involved in the new arrangement, which will expand over the next three years.

eBay’s merchant development director Hamish Moline said Australians spent $16.4 billion in online retail in 2014 and the lines between online and offline are blurring and the deal will cut out the need to wait at home for a parcel.

“The new service creates a brand new avenue for our sellers, driving traffic and encouraging a rise in sales that could change the face of businesses all over the country,” he said.

eBay UK struck a similar partnership deal with retail chain Argos.