You can now check yourself in to Australia's first 'hangover clinic'

Photo: Hangover Clinic Screenshot.

Australia has opened up its first “hangover clinic” to treat people who have had one too many drinks.

Hangover Clinic promises to have its clients refreshed in as little as 30 minutes with its “revolutionary” treatments to relieve the symptoms of hangovers as well as the flu, jetlag and sports dehydration.

But the solutions don’t come cheaply. Packages start at $140 for a 30-minute session of headache or anti-nausea medication, doses of vitamins B and C and 1 litre of hydration solution. For $200, the “Energise” treatment includes an “antioxidant boost” and “oxygen treatment” and lasts for one hour.

“We’ve had a lot of people saying, ‘I can’t drink like I used to. I can’t recover like I used to,'” said Max Petro from Hangover Clinic.

“We don’t sell any alcohol,” said Petro. “There’s no one binge drinking in our clinic. We’re just there to make sure people can get on with their day.”

The clinic is currently open during prime drinking hours from Thursday to Monday between 6am and 2pm.

The services are part of a global trend of administering hangover treatments that are already available in London, New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

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