You can now buy Michael Jackson's iconic white glove

The late “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, is widely known for wearing a single white glove that was almost as iconic as his moonwalk.

Now his glove is for sale. A white sequinced glove worn by Jackson will sell at an auction on July 30. Bidding will start at $US20,000 at Nate D. Sanders auction house.

That might seem like a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the $US350,000 price tag another Jackson glove sold for in 2009, just months after his death.

Jackson got this glove from former friend Paul Debard, who created more than a dozen paintings of Jackson’s home, Neverland Ranch, and famous figures such as George Washington and the Mona Lisa wearing the glove itself.

The winning bidder will receive a photo of Bedard wearing the glove, art he created for Jackson, and an official declaration stating the glove’s authenticity.

In addition to the glove, one of the jackets Jackson wore in the “Bad” music video, and premiered on the album cover is up for grabs. It’s slightly cheaper as bidding starts at $US10,000.

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