You Can Now Buy Clothes, Furniture And Makeup At Qantas' New Online Retail Hub

Getty/ Stefanie Keenan

Qantas is expanding its frequent flyer program with a new online shopping hub where its 10 million members can earn points from international retail brands such as iTunes, The Iconic, eBay, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, Fortnum and Mason, Bobbi Brown, Net-A-Porter, Selfridges and Neiman Marcus.

The new loyalty program Qantas Points, which the airline calls an “online mall”, follows on from the recent aggressive expansion plans, including the roll out of its business loyalty program, Aquire, the international prepaid credit card, Qantas Cash, and Qantas Golf Club.

Around 3% – 300,000 people – of the frequent flyer program’s membership, have activated their Qantas Cash card, while 35,000 small businesses had engaged with Aquire.

Qantas Loyalty CEO Lesley Grant said they’d spent a year developing the Qantas Points online offering, looking for “brands that resonate”.

“We have a really straightforward goal of being the best loyalty program in the world and helping members better understand the program as it grows is key to that. That’s what is designed to do,” Grant said.

A marketing campaign to push the new portal will begin next week.

A Qantas spokesperson denied that the airline was “fattening the calf” before it sells off its frequent flyer program. The move is in keeping with a shift by airlines to unlock the value of data gathered from frequent flyer programs as they look for other revenue streams in face of declining profits from the airline side of the business.

The best offer on Qantas points is 5 points for every $1 at newly South African-owned David Jones and US giant Neiman Marcus. Most of the other department store-style retailers offer 4 points per $1 while Apple iTunes offers 3 points per $1.

Qantas Points opens for business on August 14. The airline released the following video explaining how it works

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