You can now book an Uber within Google Maps, and you don’t even need the Uber app installed

Booking Uber within Google Maps. (Source: Google)

Google has announced enhancements to the ridesharing information it shows within its maps, including a new feature that allows users to directly book an Uber service without exiting the maps app.

In fact, the feature does not even require the phone to have the Uber app installed – all you need is an Uber account, and Google Maps can make the booking.

“Once you sign into your existing Uber account (or create one), you can book an Uber ride, track your driver on the map, and connect with your driver — all from within the Google Maps app,” announced Google on a blog post.

Booking Uber within Google Maps. (Source: Google)

“You can even take a look at information about your destination while en route. So menus, hours and other helpful details are only a swipe away.”

The booking tool covers POOL, uberX, and uberXL, and also facilitates payment. Business Insider has contacted Google to find out when the feature will be rolled out in Australia.

The latest enhancements follow Google Maps starting a comparison service in September for different ridesharing services – something that Uber specifically blocked startups from doing.

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