You Can Now Add Thigh Bone To The Fantastic List Of Things 'Found' On Mars By NASA's Rovers

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars. Picture: NASA/JPL

NASA’s Curiosity Rover is the $2bn gift to life-on-Mars advocates that just keeps on giving.

While scientists back at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California pore over tiny laser strikes on rocks for new and intriguing sparks, bloggers the world over are focused on the important stuff – aliens.

This week’s discovery is a “thigh bone”, documented by perhaps the most thorough explorers of Curiosity shots, UFO Blogger.

Are you ready? Here:

Picture: NASA/JPL

Obviously, like with clouds, this is the sort of thing that’s going to keep turning up as the rovers snap pictures of rocks and human minds interpret them as they will.

But let’s not be too harsh. NASA hasn’t said it isn’t a thigh bone and it is a little weird how the soil is dark and disturbed around the bone, like it’s been excavated.

No, save your scorn for this iguana:

Picture: NASA/JPL

A descending UFO:

Picture: NASA/JPL

A finger:

A jelly donut, which nearly saw NASA landed in court for its refusal to investigate:

This dinosaur spine:

The face of a half-human, half-goat creature:

A Mars ape-lady catching some rays:

And finally, our in-house favourite here at BI Australia, a couple of dinosaurs about to fight:

Happy Friday.

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