You can get all of these great tech accessories for less than $30


It’s time to start focusing on holiday shopping.

Fortunately, you won’t have to break the bank this year since we’ve rounded up five great gadget gifts that are all going for under $30 AUD.

Plus, you can even take an extra 15 percent off when you plug in the code GIFTSHOP15 at checkout.

1. Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets

Our smartphones have pretty slick cameras, but many leave something to be desired when it comes to taking photos beyond the typical selfie. That’s where this 3-in-1 kit comes in handy. Simply click these bad boys onto your phone or tablet, and you can snap pics with fish eye, macro, or wide-angle effects.

Get it on sale for $15 AUD [$12 USD].

2. Universal Waterproof Solar Charger

Electronics and water usually don’t mix, right? Well, this waterproof solar charger is the exception. Whether you’re hiking around the wilderness or just hopping around town, this device uses the power of the sun to keep your devices juiced when you’re not near any outlets.

Now, it’s on sale for $18 AUD [$14 USD].

3. XXL Shower Speaker

We’re not saying you can’t nail all the high notes in “Despacito,” but your neighbors might appreciate it if you let Bieber handle the singing while you’re showering down. Twice the size and twice the power of typical shower speakers, this device has a larger battery and an upgraded audio chipset that pumps out three watts of sound.

Grab it now for $26 AUD [$20 USD].

4. Nut Find 3 Smart Tracker

As the old saying goes, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile.” But we bet they would have a much easier time if they used the Nut Find 3 Smart Tracker. Just attach the tiny, portable Nut to whatever you lose most, and it will beep whenever you’re about to leave without all your belongings.

Pick up a single tracker in white or gray for $26 AUD [$20 USD].

5. ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod

Sometimes getting that perfect selfie angle just isn’t possible with our human hands. Thankfully, this tripod solves the problem by letting you set up your phone anywhere with its flexible legs. Wrap it around a pole or plant it on an uneven surface, this tripod is versatile enough for all your photo needs.

Get it now for $26 AUD [$20 USD].

Please note that all deals in the deal store are in US dollars. Additional shipping costs may apply for physical items.

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