You Can Control The New Xbox One With Your Voice

xboxYusuf Mehdi

It’s not all about Siri anymore – the new Xbox One is the latest gadget that is designed to respond to your spoken commands.

Microsoft senior vice president of the Online Audience Business Group Yusuf Mehdi is on stage right now demonstrating it.

You can power it on and off simply by saying “Xbox on” and “Xbox off.” Navigate menus simply by speaking the option you want to select.

Switching inputs is no longer a bothersome task, as this feature can be activated by voice as well. Switch between music, television, and game inputs in a snap.

It’s also got Skype built right in. It’s perfect for voice and video calls through the Xbox’s Kinect camera.

Our personal favourite feature so far is the ability to change channels on TV by speaking the channel or name of the TV show you want to watch.

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