These emoji pool floats are something special to behold

As you plan for the upcoming July 4 weekend, ask yourself: “Do I need any pool floats?”

If the answer is yes, then you need to seriously consider these emoji floats by Thrice Brand. They normally cost between $40 and $60 each, but Product Hunt is currently running a promotion that gets you 10% off and free shipping through the holiday weekend.

Words can’t really do these floats justice. So here are some promotion photos.

The poop emoji float is my personal favourite. It's six feet tall and comes with a 'premium matte finish made from ultra thick material.'

Thrice Brand

This 'Giant Eggplant Rider Emoji Pool Float' looks like a lot of fun.

Thrice Brand

If you want something a little more relaxing, there's this lounge-style alternative.

Thrice Brand

The floats' creator told Product Hunt that he 'created these giant Emoji Pool Floats because swan and doughnut floats are so 2015, and is it really summer if there's no new pool float to Instagram yourself on?'

Thrice Brand

Source: Product Hunt

I see what he means. I would definitely want to share pictures on social media of myself with this '100' emoji float.

Thrice Brand


Thrice Brand

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