You Can Bet Investors Are Throwing Huge Piles Of Money At These 4 Hot Startups


Investors aren’t very hard to predict. They tend to like charts that go up and to the right.

On that notion, there are four startups that probably have investors pounding down their doors. Whether the startups need to raise the money or not is a separate issue.


Uber is a service that sends a personal driver to pick you up whenever you need it. No cash is exchanged, not even for the tip; everything is charged on a credit card Uber keeps on file. Uber has launched in a bunch of cities this year, and it has plans to launch in at least a dozen more next year both here and abroad.

We’ve heard that founder Travis Kalanick has investors begging him for a piece of Uber, and we suspect his company will need more cash to meet its aggressive expansion goals.


A few months ago, we included Quora on an over-hyped startup list. We were told we were crazy to do so. The Q&A startup, cofounded by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo, is apparently raising a big round and a bunch of big VC firms want in. We’ve heard Accel, Greylock, and possibly Andreessen-Horowitz are interested.

It’s been more than a year since Quora closed its last round at an ~$85 million valuation, so it makes sense that it’d be raising again.


Woooohhheee, this startup is growing fast. One year after launching its photo-sharing app Instagram, Brbn has seen 11 million downloads. The Instagram team is small and scrappy, and it reached the same amount of downloads as Foursquare in half the time.

We hear Instagram has enough cash to last about three years at its current burn rate, but that doesn’t mean investors aren’t scrambling to get meetings with the founders.


The home decor and design flash sales site isn’t even 6 months old and it already has nearly 1 million users. It has an annual revenue run rate of $50 million and it will be generating double digit millions in 2011.

We met with the founders last week who indicated that investors were indeed showing a LOT of interest.