Yoink! AOL CEO Armstrong Poaches Another Googler

Erin Clift, new AOLer

Update: We understand Erin is just one of a few Googlers to join AOL in recent days. If you have more information, don’t be shy: [email protected]

Earlier: Google’s (GOOG) agency-relations honcho Erin Clift will quit the company and join AOL (TWX) as VP of global sales development, AdAge reports.

After new AOL sales boss Jeff Levick, Erin is the second high-profile Google executive poached by new AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, who himself used to run the non-automated part of Google’s North American sales business.

Erin’s most recent visible contribution at Google was leading a make-nice-with-agencies campaign last year that included bringing Google toys to the girls and boys on Madison Avenue.

Erin started at Google (GOOG) way back in 2002, before its IPO. So you know she’s in it for the challenge, not necessarily the money.

Erin is just the latest high-profile Googler to leave. Click here to scroll through the Google Brain Drain →

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