Yoenis Cespedes Made Yet Another Insane Throw To Get A Baserunner Out

The Angels are learning the hard way that Yoenis Cespedes has one of the best arms in the big leagues and that you probably shouldn’t try to nab an extra base off him.

Tuesday night, he gunned out Howie Kendrick at home plate on the fly from left field. It was one of the best throws you’ll see all season. Last night, a nearly identical play developed, beginning with a ball getting past Cespedes in left field and ending with Cespedes cooling tracking the ball down and rifling it into the infield for an out. Albert Pujols — not exactly the speediest guy out there — tried to extend a double into a triple off Cespedes and it didn’t end well.

Cespedes should probably not get in the habit of letting the ball get by him, but with an arm like his to bail him out, it’s almost as though he’s rope-a-doping runners just so he can show it off.


Here’s the full video:

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