Someone Made An App That Only Lets You Send Your Friends A Message That Says 'Hodor'

These Yo clones are getting ridiculous.

“Yo, Hodor” is a fan-made ripoff of popular messaging app, Yo, where all you can say is “Hodor.”

Inspired by the simple-minded character Hodor from “Game of Thrones,” this clone of the messaging app lets you send your friends a Hodor soundbite, and nothing else.

Since everything about the app is unofficial, HBO’s legal team will likely put the brakes on the app, or at the very least force creator Tyler Hedrick to strip the app of any official “Game of Thrones” material.

Hedrick, a former intern at Facebook, created the app as a joke in only 4 hours.

But the licensing issue at the core of “Yo, Hodor” makes the app a ticking time bomb, and the “Game of Thrones” scrubbing has already begun.

TechCrunch reports that the app originally used a picture of Hodor as the icon, but has since been changed to a simplistic green square instead.

The Hodor sound bite, also taken from the show, will likely soon be nixed, too. And after that, “Yo, Hodor” will come full circle and transform back into “Yo.”

It won’t, really, but at that point you’re better off with the original.

You can download “Yo, Hodor” here.

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