YIKES: A Bedbug Was Discovered At The Ritz-Carlton In New York

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The Ritz-Carlton in New York City has a bedbug problem, Joseph Berger reports for The New York Times (via Gothamist). Or had, to be exact. Scott Geraghty, the hotel’s general manager, told Berger that the infestation is no longer a problem. 

On Sunday, a guest in room 1005 of the hotel told the front desk that she had discovered a bedbug in her room. Note the singular. 

The guest presented the bug before checking out. 

Rosanna Polanco, a hotel maid, told Berger that a worker for an extermination service informed her that there were “a lot of bedbugs” in room 1005 when she went to clean it. The hotel had not alerted her to the problem.

Geraghty told Berger that “bedbugs are inevitable.” Which might be true. But note the plural.

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