Look At The Vulgar And Obscene Messages Shared By Teenagers On The App That Just Raised $62 Million

Yik Yak, the anonymous message board app that allows you to post anything you want without revealing your identity, just announced it raised $US62 million dollars in a recent round of funding, led by Sequoia Capital.

Just six months ago, the company raised $US10 million.

The app is mostly popular with college students “but has been troublesome for middle and high schools across the country because of bullying,” reports Re/Code.

Yik Yak allows anyone within a mile of the person posting the message to read it, which means it works well in school and campus settings, depending on your definition of “working well.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Dennis Berman points out that when you log into Yik Yak, these are the “top messages” you see — the ones with the most upvotes by users (using a similar system as Reddit does; being able to vote on posts to get them in front of more eyes.)

The messages are pretty gross:

In schools across the country, students are getting in trouble for using Yik Yak to promote bullying. Many schools have made the decision to block the app on school grounds.

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