YHOO CMO Exits: Jumped or Pushed? (Jumped)*


Kara Swisher reports that Yahoo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Cammie Dunaway, is leaving the company.  This is an interesting and potentially important departure–either because:

1. Cammie has given up on the place, or
2. She’s a Terry disciple, and Yahoo’s new management wants to upgrade.

Kara doesn’t know which is true.  We would be grateful if someone who does could enlighten us.  (Comments or [email protected]).

*Update: Valleywag procured internal memos from Cammie and Yahoo president Sue Decker. Cammie’s memo is mostly content-free (except for the fact that she’s leaving for another job that is apparently going to make her a cooler mum). Sue’s, however, reads as if the company is scrambling to fill an unexpected hole. It appears, therefore, that Cammie is jumping ship.

Hard to judge for certain without better info, but certainly seems like an incremental negative.  A very senior executive with a full view of Yahoo’s current situation and likely future (and, presumably, a boatload of options struck in the mid-$20s) is hitting someone else’s bid.