Here's The Office You Get After Your New York Startup Becomes Worth $270 Million


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Yext is a quiet giant in the business of local marketing. You don’t go on its site to find a business. Instead, through its PowerListings service, Yext makes sure that when you search for a business on Yahoo, Yelp, Foursquare, or Patch, you get the right address, hours, and phone number. More than 100,000 businesses have signed up.

Business Insider was at Yext’s office the day they announced a $27 million round of funding at a valuation of $270 million in June 2012. Then it made the news again in August with the sale of an advertising business, Felix, for $30 million

Since our last visit, Yext has moved into a pretty amazing new office at 1 Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York. Its 175 employees fit into 40,000 square feet there.

The entrance is spacious and inviting. A moving ticker that shows every listing update as it is made.

Yext is all about location. This map describes its position in the startup universe. (While it's similar to a famous map of the social Web by XKCD, CEO Howard Lerman tells us it was inspired by old maps.)

The new office is humming.

Of course they have a fun room.

And it looks pretty fun, with a foosball table instead of the more traditional ping-pong option.

And that table is more that just a table—it's a hidden poker table.

There are lots of old maps and architecture and building drawings throughout the office. Yexters are into maps and places.

Here, Yext CFO Alok Bhushan is at work with a colleague.

The blue Yext text goes well with the clean white walls and the large window-lined halls.

The different engineering departments have differently themed offices based on the projects they are working on. Can you guess what this project team is?

Yep, Cookie Monster. And there is Shawn Gong, an engineer on the Cookie Monster Project. He's been with Yext for a year and enjoys the new office, especially the Fun Room with its keyboard and guitar. (He's a guitar player).

Across the hall, they are working on a different project, with an equally fun theme.

Project Panda hard at work.

And the main meeting room.

The meeting rooms are themed as well, with little engravings in their windows. The main meeting room is ... the North Star.

You got to have your snacks.

One of a couple of kitchen areas in the office, this is the main one.

A slight upgrade from the old fridge.

And it's even more stocked.

Plus they've got plenty of variety with these snack dispensers.

A couple of beverage options.

And some more if you are looking for something colder.

And even more if you are looking for something with a bit of a kick.

It's not all work-hard, play-hard. Yext knows people need some downtime here and there.

Yext's central sales hub.

Everyone in here is on the phone working with prospective customers and clients.

In an office looking into the main room is Bryan Rutcofsky, VP of sales at Yext.

He's got this pleasant reminder of his family while at work.

Meanwhile outside his office, his Yext family is busy at work.

The Yext Wheel of Prizes for successful sales associates. Behind the wheel is Brooke Sabghir, a sales manager we met on our last tour.

Before heading out we ran into Temy Mancusi-Ungaro, Yext's VP of operations. We also met him last time we were at Yext ...

His office is a bit more spacious than it used to be.

But it still has some of the old touches.

We couldn't help but check out this awesome map again on our way out.

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