Yet Another Large Wreck At Talladega Sent One Car Flipping Through The Air

The latest large wreck at Talladega Motor Speedway caused Kurt Busch’s car to flip, and left several drivers upset that NASCAR had decided to race at all.

When this wreck occurred with just five laps left, Busch’s car flipped and landed on top of Ryan Newman’s car. After, Newman vented to the media, saying:

“They can build safer race cars, they can build safer walls. But they can’t get their heads out of their a***** far enough to keep them on the race track.”

Large wrecks at Talladega are believed to be common because of the use restrictor plates, which limits the amount of power in an engine. In fact, large wrecks at Talladega (and Daytona, the other restrictor plate track) have their own name, “The Big One.” And when this wreck occurred, you can hear that the announcers were not surprised at all.

Drivers were also critical of NASCAR’s attempt to finish the race at all after a delay of more than three hours. There was a feeling that the dark and wet conditions, combined with the four-wide racing seen at Talladega was a disaster waiting to happen.

Danica Patrick, who was also involved in the wreck, told Fox she wished the race had been rained out after claiming somebody clipped her. However, replays seemed to show that she drifted up the track and into another car as she tried to go around cars in front of her…

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