Nevermind, Everything Is Fine

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Update: Nevermind, everything is fine.

Earlier: Confused because we’re only showing day-old stories? So are we.

The SAI river is broken at the moment. People are working on it. In the meantime, here are the stories you’re not seeing:

How To Over-Share Every Detail Of Your Life Online

Apple: It’s The New Microsoft

Eric Schmidt: Cut My R&D Taxes And Let Me Hire Foreigners, Or Else Our Economy Is Doomed

AIM’s Latest Survival Strategy: Now You Can IM Your Facebook Friends!

The Strongest Evidence Yet That Google Has Too Much Time, Money

Just How Popular Was Google’s Super Bowl Ad?

Thanks To All Those Shills On Twitter And Facebook, People Don’t Trust Their Friends Anymore

Crazy Google Now Building Super-High-Speed fibre Internet Network

Google Creates Sex-Free Advertiser-Friendly Version Of YouTube

Foursquare CEO: “Check-In” Functionality Will Be A Commodity

AOL’s Surphace Goes Self-Serve

Twitter Still Growing, Users Now Send A Billion Tweets Per Month

Victoria’s Secret Models Shill For Bing

Will Totalitarian Apple Let Another iPhone Browser Into The App Store?

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