Yes, MacBook Pro's Retina Display Is Brilliant, But Not For the Average User

First, I’d like to thank all the readers who commented on our post. Some of the criticisms made me cringe, such as being called a “link-baiting whore,” while other remarks were more insightful and worth taking seriously. But whether the comments were for or against the post, I’m humbled that so many people took the time to participate in such a lively discussion. Because of that, we want to explain our reasoning further. 

To start, I want to point out that I looked at the value of the MacBook Pro with Retina from the perspective of what is best for the average computer user. Professional designers, developers, photographers, graphic artists and video editors do not need me to tell them whether Apple’s latest concoction is right for them. Such sophisticated users are capable of deciding for themselves which system to buy.

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