Hulu: Working With CBS, Viacom After All

NBC U execs polled at the company’s holiday shindig last night were unanimous in at least one opinion: Much-derided CEO Jason Kilar is actually a genius and a paragon of non-network (even anti-network) thinking.

Case in point: Even though hasn’t signed any significant content partners beyond its JV owners News Corp. and NBC U, that doesn’t mean users can’t find content from CBS–and most other big TV players– on the site.

NBC execs are still buzzing about Kilar’s call to index web video content from most major networks. That means that a Hulu searcher looking for CSI:Miami, (the show that’s stomping Fox and NBC in the ratings on Monday nights) will actually find it. (See screenshot after jump).

This means Hulu sends customers away from its site, which will cost it in the near-term, since it doesn’t see a penny for its referral. But long-term that builds goodwill for Hulu with its users — and perhaps with other networks as well.

As one high-level NBC exec put it, “I would have never thought of that, but it’s genius!” Also happening at Hulu: they’re testing Adobe’s new Flash HD codec, first on 10 trailers rather than full shows.

After the jump, a screenshot of a CSI Miami search on Hulu.

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