In A Swipe At Seamless, Yelp Launches A New Platform For Food Delivery

jeremy stoppelman

Yelp is rolling out a new feature today for ordering food and booking appointments, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman writes on the company’s blog.

The Yelp Platform will roll out category by category. The first category is for food delivery and pickup. 

Right now, anyone will be able to order food from restaurants that work with and Eat24.

In the next few months, Yelp will add categories like spas, yoga studios, salons, and dentist appointments. 

The Yelp Platform makes a lot of sense, given that Yelp already has a huge database of local businesses, chock-full with reviews and complete information about the business. 

There are a handful of other delivery services out there, but Yelp seems to be aiming to stand out with its services booking feature.

Here’s a look at the Yelp Platform. 

yelp platform

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