Where The Hipsters Live In 14 Major Cities [MAPS]

It was only a matter of time before Yelp visualized its 39 million reviews into something awesome.

This week they launched the “Yelp Wordmap,” a heatmap showing the density of various words used in Yelp reviews in 14 popular cities.

Now you can find out the best areas in your city for cocktails, PBR, a romantic night out, or bacon.

But the biggest gem in Yelp’s data dump is its hipsterness heatmap.

From Austin to New York to DC to Paris, check out where irony germinates and where mustachioed musicians wander.


austin yelp hipster


Boston yelp hipster


chicago yelp hipster


london yelp hipster

Los Angeles

yelp LA hipster

New York

yelp new york hipster


paris yelp hipster


philadelphia yelp hipster


portland yelp hipster

San Diego

san diego hipster

San Francisco

san francisco hipster yelp


seattle yelp hipster


toronto yelp hipster

Washington, DC

washington dc yelp hipster

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