A Yellow Diamond That Was Part Of A $20 Million Heist Resurfaces In A Hong Kong Pawn Shop

yellow diamond
This isn’t the yellow diamond that turned up in the pawn shop

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A 16.64-carat yellow diamond that was stolen from Graff Diamonds in London in 2007 has recently somehow resurfaced in a pawn shop in Hong Kong, reports the Daily Mail.The stone is valued at $1.5 million.

The pawn shop purportedly paid about $380,000 for the diamond, which is being held at the Gemological Institute of America in New York. The Institute has verified that it is the real diamond, which has been recut since the robbery.

Of course, Graff, owned by diamond titan Laurence Graff, wants the diamond back, and the pawn shop won’t return it. Graff’s now filed suit against the pawn shop in a state court in Manhattan.

Though that seems the least of Graff’s problems. The diamond was part of an almost $20 million heist conducted by two very stylish men five years ago.

As the Mail writes: “Arriving in a £118,000 chauffeur-driven Bentley Continental, the two robbers – one wearing a panama hat and the other a beige suit – were allowed into the store by security staff.”

Those robbers have never been caught and this diamond is the first item from the raid to have turned up.

Graff’s flagship jewel store was also robbed in 2003 by a Serbian gang called the Pink Panthers.

And in 2009, four men held up the shop wearing suits and heavy make-up in one of Britain’s biggest recorded jewelry heists.

What foppish robbers!