Kanye West came one step closer to making his fashion line affordable to the masses

Kanye West’s Yeezy line is getting somewhat more affordable.

GQ has the list of prices for the mogul’s third season, and the website points out that it’s less expensive than his other seasons. Previously, he going rate for a pair of sweatpants was approximately $510 USD. A camouflage trench coat was approximately $2,500 USD. A thermal tank top was approximately $307.

However, for the forthcoming season, consumers might not have to entirely refinance their mortgages. It’s $725 for an Anorak jacket, $350 for workout pants, and $195 for a knit t-shirt. GQ notes that some prices are flat-out slashed in half from before, pointing to a hoodie that was previously hovering around $600 that will be selling for $300 this time around.

GQ points out that Kanye’s Yeezy 2 was cheaper than Season 1, which suggests a trend — and that Kanye West might even be an advocate for the consumer.

It’s a smart move on West’s account, and perhaps it proves that he is, in fact, a smart retailer. A recent Tweet proved that he understood the concept of fast fashion, even his clothes do not fall in that category at all.



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