Deadly Arizona Wildfire Is Just Getting Bigger [PHOTOS]

8,300-acre Arizona wildfire killed 19 firefighters and destroyed more than 200 homes on Sunday evening.

The fast-moving fire, started by a lightning strike and fuelled by dry vegetation, gusty winds, low humidity, and high temperatures, tripled in size in a matter of hours on Sunday, local news station ABC 15 reported.

Hundreds of firefighters are in the area trying to contain the blaze. The wildfire is 0% contained.

Most of Yarnell, Arizona’s 700 residents have evacuated the town about 85 miles northwest of Phoenix, according to the Associated Press.

Of the 500 structures in the town, half of them have been destroyed, according to ABC 15. The area hasn’t seen a major fire in 40 years.

The firefighters who died were part of an elite crew trained to battle wildfires. The Yarnell fire has been the deadliest U.S. wildfire involving firefighters in the past 30 years at least, the AP reported.

Below are photos of the fire:

Yarnell Arizona wildfire
Yarnell Arizona wildfire
Yarnell Arizona wildfire
Yarnell Arizona wildfire
Yarnell Arizona wildfire

The AP also has some incredible raw footage of the fire, courtesy of local news station ABC 15:

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