Yankees, Mets Still Lack Permits To Their Pricey New Ballparks

citi field/yankee stadium


By Joey ArakOne would think that high-profile real estate players like the Yankees and Mets would have dotted all their i’s and crossed all their t’s when it comes to their pricey new ballparks, but that’s not the case, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Both teams have yet to receive a final certificate of occupancy (instead keeping their buildings open and running through a series of temporary C of Os), and the reasons are just so Yankees and Mets.

 In the Bronx Bombers’ case, they haven’t felt like dealing with city underlings, and nobody is really pressuring them to do so. In Flushing, the Mets are trying to get their paperwork in order, but there’s too much empty space in the building—and we’re not even talking about in the stands.

Thousands of square feet of retail space need to be filled before a final C of O can be issued, and Mets brass blame ugly Willets Points for holding them up. Both buildings are safe, though, not counting the rock-hard projectiles hurtling towards bystanders’ heads at high speeds.

This post originally appeared at Curbed.com.