Yankees In-Market Streaming On The Way

yankees jeter fist bump tbi

The New York Yankees will likely be the first MLB franchise to offer in-market Web streaming of its games, according to two reports summarized by paidContent.

The catch: Unlike MLB.com’s regular MLB.TV out-of-market streaming service, you’ll need to subscribe to cable (or other pay TV service) to watch in-market games online. Put another way, this will be a complement to your cable service, not a replacement. That measure is in place to keep money flowing into the local sports networks — like the Yankees’ YES network — which pay a lot of money for TV rights.

You’ll also probably have to pay extra for the service, though that’s likely to be decided on a team-by-team basis. We assume that MLB.com — which has invested millions into its streaming infrastructure — will handle the tech side of the service.

Cablevision, which offers cable service on Long Island and in some NYC boroughs (not Manhattan), will be the first operator to offer in-market streaming, according to the reports.

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