The $92 Million Sitting On The Yankees Disabled List Is More Than Most Teams Spend On Their Entire Rosters

alex rodriguez yankees strikeout

The New York Yankees are incredibly beat up going into the 2013 season.

A-Rod, Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes, and Michael Pineda are all on the disabled list.

Given the ages of most of those guys, it’s not all that surprising that they’re breaking down physically.

This Yankees team is never going to be 100% healthy, and the fact is they’re going to be paying a boatload of money to guys on the disabled list all year long.

Right now the Yankees have ~$92.03 million in salary sitting on the disabled list. That’s less than half of their overall payroll (~$228 million), but it’s more than most MLB teams pay their entire rosters.

In all, 16 teams have total payrolls of less than $92 million this year, based on USA Today’s numbers. Some of the big-market teams that the Yankees DL is out-earning right now:

  • Baltimore Orioles ($90.9 million)
  • Atlanta BravesĀ ($89.8 million)
  • New York Mets ($73.4 million)

The problem is that the Yankees can’t spend their way out of this one. It’s not like they could add a role player here or there and suddenly be better.

The core of the team is a) the most injury-prone part of the team, and b) the highest-paid part of the team.

That’s a deadly combination.

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