The Steinbrenners Better Start Saving Their Money: Robinson Cano Just Hired Scott Boras

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Photo: Business Insider/Adam Fusfeld

In about a year or two, when the Yankees are in their next contract impasse, taking verbal shots at a long time star through the NY tabloids in negotiations that garner coverage ad nauseam, remember today’s date.February 4, 2011. 

That’s the date Robinson Cano dumped his agent in favour of Scott Boras, according to ESPN. Sure, the Yankees have Cano under control for three more seasons (at a reasonable $39 million), but signed papers be damned, Boras always gets his way. And the Boras way is more money. 

If Cano has another MVP-calibre season (he hit .319, with 29 HRs and 109 RBIs this season), Boras will start to grumble. And a grumble in Yankee Universe can quickly become a national earthquake thanks to the NY tabloids’ unrelenting coverage.

As with every contract negotiation involving Boras, this one will inevitably be messy, and will leave the Yankees overpaying their star second baseman well into his late-30s. It’s what makes Boras so good at his job, and what makes fans shudder at the very mention of his name. Even fans of the deep-pocketed Yankees.

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