Incredible Photos Of Yankee Stadium's First Game From 90 Years Ago

Library of CongressToday is the 90th anniversary of the first game at the original Yankee Stadium in 1923.

On that day, the Yankees beat the Red Sox 4-1. The big blow in the debut of “The House that Ruth Built,” was, of course, delivered by Babe Ruth, who hit a 3-run home run.

The game itself was just one part of a larger celebration on that day as 74,200 fans packed the new stadium to be a part of the event. On the next few pages, we will take a look at some photos that were taken during the inaugural game.

The photos are mesmerizing and capture just how much both the Yankees’ home park and the game has changed in 90 years.

Here is a view from outside the stadium about two weeks before the first game. It looks like it was built in the middle of nowhere.

Here are fans waiting outside for tickets that cost just $1.10. That's about $15 in today's dollars adjusted for inflation.

The stadium was much more open than stadiums are today. In the lower-right, you can see Governor Alfred E. Smith preparing to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

And here is the governor and his wife being escorted to their seats across the field

The governor's entrance was much more ceremonial than anything we would see today as fans can be seen in the background taking in the moment.

Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis (second from left) was on hand for the festivities

It looks like a large amount of the foul territory was actually just dirt with no grass

The managers of the two clubs shook hands before the game. Look at that amazing Red Sox jacket!

In those days, the ceremonial first pitch was thrown from the stands

Here is another view of the outfield bleachers which look like something you might see in a minor league park these days

The Yankees walked out in a very orderly manner in front of an enormous safety razor advertisement

Babe Ruth (far left) leads the Yankees to their dugout while wearing gorgeous varsity sweaters

In those days, the bleachers were actually bleachers!

They raise an American flag in the middle of the field

Here is a view of the field from above. You can see the flagpole in the outfield.

Here's a view of the grandstand as the fans await the game

Later in the week, it is interesting to see Jacob Ruppert, the owner of the Yankees seated in the second row (with bow tie) behind president Warren G. Harding (shaking hands)

President Harding's box had its own presidential banner

Babe Ruth doesn't looked too thrilled to be shaking the president's hand

Now check out what the sport looked like on opening day this year

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