Yanis Varoufakis just trashed Greece's bailout agreement with a line-by-line takedown

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is not a fan of the country’s new bailout deal.

And if you weren’t clear on that already, he’s got the annotated evisceration of the agreement to prove it.

It’s 62 pages long, so you can’t fault Varoufakis for not putting the effort in — he certainly seems to have more free time these days.

Here’s a snippet of the document. The normal text of the agreement is unbolded, while Varoufakis’ edits are bolded and in brackets:

A fairer society will require that Greece improves the design of its welfare system, so that there is a genuine social safety net which targets scarce resources at those who need it most [to be achieved without a single new euro again by some magic formula yet to be invented].

The authorities plan to benefit from available technical assistance from international organisations on measures to provide access to health care for all (including the uninsured) [i.e. using advice of well paid foreign “technocrats” as a substitute for funding, nurses, doctors and equipment] and to roll out a basic social safety net in the form of a Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) [which would be great, except that not one fresh euro will be made available for the GMI program whose funding will be siphoned off existing benefits provided by the Greek state, e.g. child benefit].

Varoufakis did a similar (but somewhat shorter) line-by-line edit of the euro summit agreement reached a week after he ended his time as finance minister.

The last we heard from Varoufakis was his confirmation early Friday that he was one of the Syriza members who voted against leader and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

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