Surprise -- No One Wants To Dress As 'Sexy Corn' For Halloween

Yandy Corn CostumeYandyLingerie company Yandy’s ‘Sexy Corn’ costume, currently on sale.

Surprise, surprise — women don’t want to dress up as “sexy corn” for Halloween.

TIME Magazine reporter Laura Stampler recently interviewed the brains behind Yandy, the popular lingerie company that sells outrageous Halloween costumes like Sexy Barney and Sexy Hulk Hogan.

But one costume that wasn’t such a hit? Sexy Corn, an idea CEO Chad Horstman had when he was visiting Nebraska.

“I thought it would do well because I was in Nebraska at the time and there was corn everywhere,” Horstman told Stampler. “I thought that girls would buy a lot and wear them together and go as a corn field.”

Though Horstman’s “corn field” concept didn’t quite catch on, he’s still hoping that women will wear other sexy vegetable and/or fruit costumes and go together as a set.

Considering the fact that Sexy Pizza is one of their best sellers, we’d believe anything.

Read all about Yandy and how they evolved into the go-to Halloween costume website over at TIME.

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