Chinese Official Caught On Camera Trashing Airport After He Misses Flight

In the video below, a man and his wife are at an airport in the Chinese city of Kunming when they are informed they have missed their flight.

The man becomes irate. He points angrily at the air stewards on the desk before kicking and smashing everything in sight.

The video has become a hit online, and Shanghaiist reports that it didn’t take long for netizens to recognise the man — he is Yan Linkun, a member of China’s top level government advisory board CPPCC.

Local investigators have confirmed it was Yan in the video, and that he apparently missed his flight after getting breakfast with his wife. Yan is now being investigated, and many online observers will be watching closely to see what sort of punishment a high powered official will get in a case like this.

Last year, one official photographed smirking at the scene of a tragic accident was fired after netizens were able to reveal his taste for watches far too expensive for his salary bracket.

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