Yammer Is On Fire: 5M Enterprise Users And New Hooks Into Microsoft

David Sacks Yammer CEO

Photo: Yammer

Yammer is hot and getting hotter.It now claims 5 million users, up from 4 million a couple of months ago when it landed an $85 million round of funding.

Today, it also announced that Yammer will integrate with Microsoft’s CRM product, Dynamics. Whenever an update happens in Dynamics, such as a sales rep closing a new deal, that info can be automatically posted on the Yammer ticker stream for all employees to see.

Yammer is like Facebook for enterprises. It’s a closed system so only employees can see the updates.

There’s no question, Yammer is one of the companies teaching enterprises how to integrate social communication into employees’ work day. Salesforce.com is hoping to own that role. Yammer integrates with Salesforce, too, but Salesforce would prefer to sell its own version, called Chatter.

Yammer also announced new deals with other companies, like Perks.com (an incentive platform), Sciforma (project management software), Sennex (tool that routes questions to experts on Yammer and LinkedIn), UpMo (an HR talent scouting tool), UserVoice (customer support tool).

But wait there’s more: It also integrates with …

AffinityLive, Badgeville, Box, Expensify, GageIn, Kindling, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Moreover Technologies, NetSuite, Planview, Salesforce.com, SAP, Sparqlight, Spigit, Subscribe-HR, TripIt and Zende.

One day, Yammer, Chatter and the like could become the death of e-mail.

The risk for Yammer is that if these ticker streams get spammed too much with all of these auto-posts, employees will start to ignore Yammer. 

Correction: This story originally said that Yammer had a partnership with Microsoft. Yammer tells us it did not partner with Microsoft. It built connectors to Microsoft products on its own.

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