The Guy Who Might Sell His Company To Microsoft For $1B Says, ‘Let Him Eat Cake’

Marie Antoinette
She’d fit right in.

“Let him eat cake.”That’s how the invitation reads to Yammer CEO David Sacks’s ridiculous, over-the-top party in the $125 million Fleur de Lys mansion in LA this weekend.

It’s an obvious reference to Marie Antoinette’s famous utterance, “Let them eat cake,” in case you missed it, about unruly French peasants.

Sacks, the former COO of PayPal, has a lot of reasons to celebrate. It’s his 40th birthday and 5th wedding anniversary rolled into one. If he clinches a big deal to sell his company to Microsoft, he’ll have one more reason.

We’ve also confirmed that several members of the PayPal Mafia—the tight-knit circle of former PayPal executives and employees who went on to start or work at companies like Yelp, Slide, and, yes, Sacks’s Yammer—are invited.

Also attending: PandoDaily editor Sarah Lacy, who mentioned the party as she issued a public plea to Sacks not to sell his company.

“I have an 18th-century costume on a hanger at home to prove it,” Lacy wrote.

We just called Costumes On Haight, a popular costume store in San Francisco, and asked if they had any 18th-century French outfits left. (Full disclosure: We recently rented a French prerevolutionary getup at the store for a similarly themed event, though it was a divey bar on Polk Street in San Francisco, not an LA mansion.) 

“We’re wiped out,” a woman told us. “People have been calling for weeks.”

One thing is clear: Silicon Valley is awash with money, while the rest of the world writhes in economic turmoil.

Will the Marie Antoinette theme strike people as tone-deaf?

Here’s the thing: From what we know of Sacks—or any of his invited guests—we doubt they care.

UPDATE: Sacks tweeted to correct our sources’ recollection of the invitation they’d seen: “It’s ‘let *him* eat cake’ not them. It’s a birthday party. Get it?” We get it, David. Apologies for the error.