Yammer Releases Its First Major Upgrade Since Microsoft Acquired It


Photo: Boonsri Dickinson, Business Insider

Yammer today announced a bunch of new features and partnerships to its flagship enterprise social networking app.These were in the works before Microsoft bought it for $1.2 billion in a deal that closed in July 19.

Yammer is adding an “inbox” feature, which aggregates all the conversations and streams that mention the user or require a reply. A person can easily scan the inbox to see the stuff that needs attention. says Yammer CTO and cofounder, Adam Pisoni. The Inbox can be accessed from a smartphone, too.

The second big feature is called “Online Now.” It’s an update to the messaging app, making it seem more like a chat app. It allows people to message each other, or engage in allowing multi-user conversations.

Yammer tweaked the navigation and redesigned the homepage, too. It now showcases other hot content, like trending files and pages, which are personalised to the user’s interests. All personalisation is done automatically, says Pisoni.

Yammer also added a bunch of new partners, just as if it wasn’t owned by Microsoft. These include HootSuite, FuzeBox, Bevalley, Mindflash, and a few others. These apps can now contribute to the Yammer stream.

The biggest news about this product update is that Microsoft was hands-off about it, says Pisoni.

“It shows  Microsoft’s commitment to continue with our product roadmap, and our partner strategy,” he told BI.

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